Your health and safety are very important to your Parish Family here at Transfiguration Catholic Church. One of the many things that can threaten your health and safety is a public health emergency.  In our continuous effort to provide a holy and safe haven for you and your family, it is imperative that we have a plan in place to limit the impact of public health emergencies on our Congregation and their families. Our goal is to protect the health of all Transfiguration Catholic Church staff members, parish members, and your family members during such an event.

Through collaborative planning efforts, Transfiguration Catholic Church has been working with state and local authorities, as well as the Cobb and Douglas County Department of Health, to create an Emergency Preparedness Plan that will help protect your health and safety during a Public Health Emergency. 

These efforts include having Transfiguration Catholic Church serve as a closed point of dispensing, or Closed POD, during a public health emergency, so that we can dispense medication to keep you and your family in an effort to keep you from getting sick.  A Closed POD will allow us to:

· Provide free medicine on- site for you and your family

· Communicate important information to you and your family during and after a public health emergency

· Answer questions and address concerns , about the event, that you may have

P.O.D. Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open Point of Dispensing (Open POD)?

A site for the distribution, or dispensing, of life-saving medications during a public health emergency that is open to the general public


What is a Closed Point of Dispensing (Closed POD)?

A site for the distribution, or dispensing, of life-saving medication during a public health emergency that is limited and only open to a predetermined group of people (e.g. faith-based organizations [such as parish members and households of Transfiguration], businesses, special needs groups, etc.)


What is the purpose of a Closed POD?

To provide lifesaving medications, quickly, to a designated population and their family members (like Transfiguration) during a public health emergency; and to help minimize the impact of the emergency on the rest of the community and Open PODs


How much is it going to cost?

Medication will be provided to ALL Transfiguration households free of charge.  THERE WILL BE ENOUGH MEDICATION FOR EVERYONE.  WE WILL NOT RUN OUT!


When would Transfiguration be asked to dispense medications to its parish members and families?

Transfiguration would be notified by the Cobb and Douglas County Departments of Health to dispense medications to its parish members and their families only when there is a great public health risk to the entire population and preventive medications need to be taken immediately.  Some examples of a widespread public health emergency could be: in the event of bioterrorism (such as the release of anthrax, botulism, or tularemia), pandemic flu or smallpox.


Who operates the Closed POD?

Parish volunteers within Transfiguration will operate the Closed POD with oversight from the Cobb and Douglas County Departments of Health as well as from state and local authorities.


Will people be allowed to pick up medications for their families?

Yes.  Any Transfiguration member will be allowed to pick up medication for their entire household.


How will medication be packaged?

The medication will be packaged in bottles for individual use and will be taken orally.  Appropriate dosing instructions will accompany each bottle of medication.


Who needs to take the medication? 

Under this type of emergency, the entire population within a community will need to take the medication.  This includes adults and children.  Appropriate dosage instructions will accompany each bottle of medication that is dispensed at the Transfiguration Closed POD.


What about pets?

The medications provided at the Closed POD will be for humans only.  Transfiguration members with pets should contact their veterinarians for more information about the risks to their pet and any preventive measures that they can take to help protect their pet.


What about parish members who commute long distances to and from the church?

As a Closed POD, Transfiguration expects to provide medications to all parish members and their families, realizing that long distance commuters may choose to go to an Open POD closer to their home.


Is it possible that Transfiguration will need to operate our Closed POD after-hours, during the weekend, or on a holiday?

Public health emergencies can occur at any time.  It is essential that our church be prepared to operate a Closed POD during ANY time—day or night—since the health of all our parish members and their families will be at risk if medications are delayed.


Is this legal?  Is Transfiguration liable if someone gets hurt or has a reaction to the medication?

Yes, it is legal.  Public health officials depend on volunteers to assist during public health emergencies.  Participating as a Closed POD is a voluntary program and there are both Federal and Georgia State laws and statutes applicable to liability protection for all volunteers of Transfiguration.