4th Grade

4th Grade Catechist Page

This is our page where you will find resources and ideas for 4th grade PREP classes. The chapters are listed in the order we cover them.  The weeks where the office is providing a group activity are not included.  If you find a great resource or have a wonderful idea to share, please let me know so I can add it to this page.  There is a comment section where you can ask questions or share ideas.  You can also email me at elise.linden.antrobus(at)gmail.com.


4th Grade PREP 2014.doc

Curriculum Map.xls

You can use this letter and curriculum outline on the first day as a take home for parents.

Parent Letter.doc

Curriculum Outline.doc

Here are some Thanksgiving activities you can do the class before the Thanksgiving break

Thankful Tree.pdf

Thankful Leaves.pdf

Other Resources

Click here to make your own bingo cards using the Words of the Week or any other words.

Click here to make your own word searches.

Click here to make your own crossword puzzles.

Teaching Tools & Tips

Classroom Management

  • Have a structure or routine to your class that stays the same each week.  This helps the kids understand what to expect and anticipate what comes next.
  • Spend some time in the first few classes establishing class rules and expectations for behavior.  Have the class come up with the rules and post them in the room on your PREP strip.
  • If you have challenges in your class let Sheila know as soon as possible.  There are some wonderful resources available to you through the office and she will help identify the right one for you.

Words of the Week

  • Have each child create a Words of the Week booklet using white paper stapled together. They can decorate the cover (make sure their names are on it).
  • Each week when they come into class have them find their book and write down the word for that week in their book. 
  • Finish with a quick verbal review of the words by calling out definitions and having the kids come up with the word (without their book).
  • Books can be used for them to review their words before an assessment.

Golden Ticket

  • Like the golden ticket Charlie Bucket won to get into the chocolate factory here's a ticket your kids can use to get out of class at dismissal. 
  • It's a great tool to use as part of your wrap up/closing.  This will give you an idea of what your class is getting out of the lesson and ideas of things you may want to implement.  We've added bible stories and Saint of the Day to our class based on feedback we've gotten in our tickets.
  • Copy on golden rod paper and keep a stack in your PREP bag.


The Apostles Creed

The Apostles' Creed is our grade level prayer.  Prayer Listeners will come 7 times during the year to hear the prayer.  This can be a challenging prayer for the kids to learn not only because it is long but also because of its similarity to The Nicene Creed.

Here are some tips for learning the prayer:

  • Teach them one line each week building every class until the prayer is completed.
  • Offer the class an incentive (pizza party, ice cream party, movie, etc.) if everyone in the class learns the prayer.
  • Provide prayer puzzles so students can practice the prayer.  Also a great tool for reviewing other prayers.  Just cut out lines of the prayer on strips of paper and stick in an envelope.
  • Have the class come up with a list of ideas of how to learn/practice the prayer.  Send a copy home with each child and/or include in your email to parents.

Click here for an on-line Apostle's Creed jigsaw puzzle.  Email it out to parents so your students can practice at home.





Games & Activities

End of Year Review

Here is a Jeopardy game that reviews everything we have studied this year. There are 4 categories with 8 questions in each category.

  • Words of the Week
  • Liturgical Year
  • 10 Commandments
  • Parts of the Mass

Jeopardy Numbers.doc

Jeaopardy Review.doc

Unit Reviews -  Transfiguration Squares

  • Transfiguration Squares is a game styled after Hollywood Squares.  It is basically Tic-Tac-Toe. 
  • Play against the other 4th grade class or split your class into two teams.  One team is "X" and one team is "O". 
  • I put my questions on index cards and label the name on the back and then just grab the top card once the person has been picked.  There are enough questions to play multiple rounds. 
  • Post the people (or write their names) on the chalk board leaving space to write "X" or "O".


September Review QuestionsS.doc

Unit 2 Review Questions.doc

What Commandment am I?  -- Ten Commandment Review

  • Use these skits to review the Ten Commandments.
  • Put students in 5 groups (usually 2-3 students per group). 
  • Randomly assign your groups a skit.  If you're playing with another class in the time track each group gets 1 skit.  If you're only playing in your class each group will get 2 skits.
  • Give the groups time to review the skits and practice then have them perform for the rest of the class.  The audience has to guess which commandment they are representing.
  • Review the skits before class as some will require basic supplies for props.






  • This is a fun game to play to review words of the week. Especially the week before an assessment.
  • Play against the other 4th grade or divide your class into 2 teams (Home & Visitor)
  • Place 4 chairs in the room in a diamond shape (like a baseball field) for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and home bases.
  • Teacher stands in the middle of the diamond facing the home plate. 
  • A pitch is thrown when a question is asked.  A hit is made when the question is answered. 
  • If answered correctly the player moves to 1st base and any players already on base move ahead.  If the question is answered incorrectly the player is out.  If a player gets out and there are other players on base they can "steal" the next base by answering the question correctly.  If they answer incorrectly they are out.
  • Once a team has 3 outs their turn at bat is over and the next team has their turn.
Chapter 2: Jesus Leads Us to Happiness

 Chapter 2 Lesson Plan.doc

Here's a PowerPoint that can be used to discuss the Beatitudes withe class.


Chapter 13: Advent

Chapter 13.doc



Click here for other Advent Crafts.

You can also combine Christmas (Ch. 14) with Advent which will free up the last class before Christmas for a class party, movie or other fun day.

Chapters 13 & 14.doc


Chapter 18: The Seventh Commandment

Monday classes use this lesson plan

Chapters 17 & 18 Lesson Plan.doc

Tuesday & Wednesday classes use this lesson plan

Chapter 18 Lesson Plan.doc

Chapter 24: We Grow in Holiness

Chapter 24 Lesson Plan.doc

If you want to combine Chapters 24 & 25 into one class to free up a class period next week to play the Unit 2 Review  Game use this lesson plan.

Chapter 24 & 25 Lesson Plans.doc