Lou Ann Piantieri, 770-924-2110


The Widow’s Web provides support to women who have lost a spouse.

Just as the tiny silken strands of a spider’s web display tremendous tensile strength when woven into a web, we believe that we can strengthen each other through prayer, shared experiences, and laughter as we seek to build new lives on this side of the Kingdom. We will support each other in spirit, work, life needs, and play.

All widows of the parish are invited to join us, but others are also invited and welcome.

Please let us know who you are so that we can contact you.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The Widows of Transfiguration will support each other and any who come to us in order to form a more spiritual union and lend support and strength to any woman who has lost a spouse.


1. Members are required to attend a least three (3) meetings per year and to be an active participant.
2. Meetings will be held every other month to plan upcoming events and to meet other members.
3. Share spiritual interests and education each meeting by reflecting on individual Patron Saints or Saints of particular interest and meaning.
4. Share experiences, knowledge of resources, strength of prayer, and laughter.
5. Participate in two charitable endeavors each year.


1. Contact the church office and get our ministry listed in the Sunday bulletin POC list and get a representative on COR.
2. Invite windows that we know or meet to join the group.
3. Coordinate with the church to identify the newly widowed so that we can contact them with a note conveying our prayers and support and using “TIME and TALENT” for signing up new members.
4. Identify to the group specific social and spiritual events that can be shared.
5. Gather together socially periodically.