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The Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC) advises the Pastor on various matters of the parish.  Items are brought to the Council by the Pastor or by suggestions from the community.  PAC has 14 members, both elected and appointed.

Meetings are held monthly, typically the first Sunday of the month.  Dates are published in advance in the Parish calendar online and in the Parish Bulletin.

The Council is a policy advisory body for the purpose of discerning mission and providing a means for utilizing the parish community in expressing its collective wisdom concerning pastoral plans and activities.

PAC Preamble | PAC Constitution | Meeting AgendaMinutes

PAC Duties

1. Conduct an annual parish planning process (as needed or requested by the pastor).

2. Recommend parish policies and programs, and be responsible for explanation of same to parish members.
3. Consult with and assist pastor as liaison with public officials.
4. Review the annual parish budget for consistency with parish mission.
5. Establish committees on standing or ad hoc basis according to need.
6. Educate prospective members and elect leadership of the Council.
7. Each council member must understand the consultative process and make a special effort towards its implementation. In this process, each member is to share his/ her wisdom regarding the issue being considered.
8. Assist associate chairperson in holding parish elections.