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Men's Bible Study began with a small group of men 7 years ago and over the years it has reached over 80 men in our Parish that have participated in it. We are now a strong group of men that have grown in Faith in Changed Lives, Better Husbands, Better Fathers and much Better men. In all of us God has placed an emptiness that can only be filled by Him! It can NOT be filled by anything else that the world has to offer. If you want the Peace, Joy and Love that God wants to place in YOU, come join us! We meet every Thursday night from 7 PM till 9 PM in the Upper Rooms of the Family Life Center.



If you want to join and/or find out more about us, Contact:


David Galvin

Phone: 770-792-7130



All men are welcome! 

This is far more than a Bible Study

During the four years that Men’s Bible Study has been in existence at Transfiguration we have tried our very best to not only study His Word but to share it, accept it and do our very best to live it! Over these years He has kept his Promises! We have seen Marriages saved, Families brought back together in true Christian love, careers blessed, addictions cured along with many miraculous Healings! Our dedicated men have now grown to over 30; however our Faith  has grown astronomically! When we hear our new members share that Men’s Bible Study has been a life changing experience we can only thank God for His Faithfulness! It is not us, but His Spirit that is transforming our Lives!

All Men are welcome to join us in the Upper Rooms of the New Family Life Center starting the first Thursday of September!

Contact Dave Galvin (770-792-7130) e-mail: dtcon1(at)