Dan Blankowski, 770-841-8995

* Transfiguration “Holy Rollers” Bowling League / Parish Ministry bowls every other Sunday at 5:30 pm at Cherokee Lanes in Canton/Holly Springs (August-May)

* All ages, sexes and sizes are welcome … singles, couples or entire four-person teams.

* Handicap league accommodates averages from 90 to 200!

* Only requirement is that you’reFUN … special events, prizes, unusual contests, parties and much more.

* Pre-season meeting and No-Tap Tournament on Sunday, August 11 at 5:30 pm

* Competition begins with Week 1 on August 18, but regular bowlers and substitutes are needed all year.

* Contact league president Dan Blankowski at (770) 841-8995 or Dano(at)