Contact:  Donna McNulty, 770-591-0235

Mission Statement

Our mission as the Health and Wellness Committee of Transfiguration Church is to raise the level of awareness for our parishioners for living lives of total wellness so that they follow healthy lifestyles and take preventive measures through health screenings. Giving attention to all aspects of holism, especially the spiritual, our hope is that we will live more integrated lives. 

We open each meeting with this prayer:

Dear God, as members of the Transfiguration Catholic Church’s Health & Wellness Committee, please guide us in our responsibilities and actions. We are grateful and honored to be a part of this committee and are aware of its opportunities, sensitivities, and challenges. Let us always be mindful that You are the focus of this committee and through Your spirit and guidance, may we make this committee a worthwhile and positive source for our parishioners and for each other.  








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