"Those who teach others will shine like stars forever." ~ Daniel 12:3

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2019-20 logo.jpgThank YOU to everyone who is teaching our children about our Catholic Faith and JOURNEYING TOGETHER AS WITNESSES FOR JESUS CHRIST ! May God continue to bless you! 

 SAVE THE DATE for the 14th Atalanta Catechist Conference, August 22, 2020.
For conference details, www.atlcatechistconference.com.

General Resources

Parish Catechist Certification Process     

Online Catechist Certification Tracking: Click HERE to enter a class, workshop or webinar. You will receive a confirmation email and a copy will be emailed to the Religious Education Office to add to our data base. This is a great tool to track your certification; especially if it is an Adult Faith Formation Class or webinar. Contact Joyce if you have any questions.

Parish Catechist Certification Q & A communicatingcatholicmessage.jpg

Certification Log Sheets

  - Basic Certification Log 

  - Intermediate Certification Log 

 - Advanced Certification Log

  - Basic Certification Log (Spanish)

  - Intermediate Certification Log (Spanish)

  - Advanced Certification Log (Spanish)

If you attended the 2018 Catechist Conference, submit your name badge & schedule to receive catechist certification credit. Presentations and handouts are available at www.atlcatechistconference.com

Religious Education Handbook

  -   Catechist Handbook

  -   ChrisTeen Supplement

  -  Lesson Plan Form

As of July 1, 2012 the State of Georgia redefined "child service organization personnel" in the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Law to include additional categories of people who are under the "mandatory reporter" list.  Please review the updated Archdiocese Code of Conduct and Sexual Abuse Policy and make note of the changes. 

If a child discloses any form of abuse to you, please read the Procedures for Processing Allegations set forth by the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Click Here to read the 2016 Archdiocese of Atlanta Social Media Policy

 Volunteer Paperwork is required for all volunteers working with children. The Religious Education Office will send you a link to complete the forms on the Archdiocese of Atlanta website.

 2019-2020 Words of the Week

Grade Level Prayers

Grade Level Resources


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