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When Khaliah found out she was pregnant she was devastated. In her mind, abortion seemed to be her only option. She made an appointment at an abortion clinic and headed that way. Her GPS led her to an empty field. "You have arrived," it indicated, yet there was nothing anywhere around her. Technical glitch, or had God intervened in an unmistakable way? She went home and found The HOPE Center through an online search. Khaliah calls it a "God set-up." God used a Google search engine and Khaliah’s listening to His leading to change her whole outlook. "The HOPE Center is the reason I'm even holding him."
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When was the last time a tornado warning stopped you in your tracks? For Kassandra it was when she was driving to her abortion appointment. She truly believes God used that to get her attention as she was still trying to decide what to do about her unplanned pregnancy. She found The HOPE Center online – and then found HOPE through the prayers of her advocate.
Click on her picture to hear the story as told by Kassandra.


Your generous donations will help us save lives, physically
and spiritually in 2019.

Did you know that...

$83 provides a month's worth of pregnancy tests
$150 buys a qualifying client a new crib
$1,000 places a Bible in the hands of each of our clients
$2,000 covers ultrasound supply costs - Revealing Life to Save Lives
$5,000 enables us to provide client resources and benevolence
$10,000 provides gasoline for both ICU Mobiles

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