Confirmation Book Week 7 - Ministry Inquiry


 Service is not just something to do to fill your time.  Service is not just a requirement to be met for Confirmation.  It is an expression of our faith.  In fact, the word ministry comes from the word for service.  There are many adults in our parish who are committed to ministries (service) in our church community.  Take a minute to think about a ministry that interests you.  Use the bulletin or the website as a resource.  Then, we'd like for you to spend a few moments in conversation with a member of the ministry of your choosing.  The person could serve as a lector, Eucharistic minister, minister of caring, music minister, priest, deacon, vowed religious, youth minister, parish secretary, member of Saint Vincent de Paul, or any of the many ministries listed in our parish bulletin.

If you do not have a personal acquaintance involved in a ministry, use the parish bulletin or click on the links, to obtain the phone number of a staff member or ministry chairpersonYou must select someone outside of your own family.

Call your selected ministry representative, introduce yourself and explain why you are calling.  Tell them you are preparing for Confirmation and you would like to very briefly discuss with them their ministry and ask them a few questions about it.  After your conversation, remember to thank them for their time.  You may have the conversation in person rather than by phone. 

After you complete the ministry interview, reflect about what you learned. Read Acts 2 again. Confirmation is liturgically associated with Pentecost, which is considered the birthday of the Church. Confirmation is your opportunity to begin your ministry in the Church or community.

Listen to the song,"Just  Like You."

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