The Elijah Cup is a parish-wide effort to
pray for an increase of vocations to the priesthood,
diaconate and religious life.

Parishioners sign up for a specific week
to bring the Elijah Cup home to pray with their families.


What is the Elijah Cup?

The Elijah Cup is a consecrated chalice – used during Mass to hold the precious blood of Jesus Christ – that parishioners are encouraged to bring home for a week at a time to pray for vocations. It is called the Elijah Cup as a nod to our shared heritage with the Jewish people, a reminder of the fourth cup of wine poured during the Seder meal on Passover. The ceremonial cup is poured for Old Testament prophet Elijah but left untouched.

Why are we doing this?

Every vocation is needed in the Church, whether to married, consecrated or religious life, but priests in particular hold a very special place in the heart of the Church. Through Holy Orders, they are empowered to serve as a vessel of the Holy Spirit consecrating the bread and wine into the precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. In other words, without them, we wouldn’t have the Eucharist! Our archdiocese and our country needs more priests, deacons and religious, and every prayer for them counts. Join us through the Elijah Cup in praying for vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life, and help bring new life into the heart of our Church for generations to come.

How can we pray with the Elijah Cup? What do we do once we get it home?

  • When you bring the Elijah Cup home, put it in a place of prominence that will be seen by family members each day. Gather together around the Elijah Cup daily to pray for vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life.
  • This can be a great time to talk with children about what a vocation is – God’s call in your life – and to pray together for God’s help in discerning their own vocations when the time is right.
  • You can pray from the heart, use a variety of prayers available, or both. We’ve included some suggestions on this page and in the small binder you will receive along with the Elijah Cup, and you are free to pull them together as a prayer service as best fits your family and your children’s ages.
  • Remember to treat the Elijah Cup with respect as a sacred vessel and please keep it free of liquids or other objects. Remind children that it is so very special because it holds Jesus’ blood each week during Mass, and it is an honor to have it in our home.

How can I sign up?

Visit our Sign-up Genius link to the right to sign up for a week to bring the Elijah Cup home. (If you need assistance, please call Bev or Kate in the Adult Education office at 770-977-1442 ext. 128, or email Kate, and we can help you.)

Please review the important details under the Sign-up Genius link on how to pick up the Elijah Cup once you've signed up. Thank you!

When does this start and how long will it last?

Beginning during spring 2016 and extending throughout the year (and for years to come!), parishioners are encouraged to sign up for a week to bring the Elijah Cup home to pray for vocations. This effort is intended to continue indefinitely, and every parishioner is encouraged to take part.

Transfiguration is re-joining parishes across the archdiocese in making the Elijah Cup a part of parish life. Longtime parishioners will recognize it from about 10 years ago, and the parish is excited to reintroduce it to a new generation of families.

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