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Breakfast with St. Nick

Calling all Elves!

Junior High & High School students are needed to help with crafts and activities at our annual Breakfast with St. Nick.

December 2nd from 8:00am - 12:30pm

 We will have 2 shifts of helpers:

8:00 to 10:00am and 10:00am to 1:00pm

We need lots of hands. If you have any questions, contact Theresa, tbrader(at)transfiguration.com

To sign up click the link HERE. Or go to http://tinyurl.com/stnickelves 

 ChrisTeen In the Know 

NCYC 2017!

Congratulations to all the teens who attended the National Catholic Youth Conference!

A HUGE thank you to all of the dedicated chaperones who took the journey with our teen!

The Holy Spirit was at work in all of us!

God is Good...All the Time!


One of our students, Kirsten, wrote a beautiful testimony about her experience at NCYC.



"Three days. Three of the most powerful days out of my 6478. On November 17th, 18th, and 19th I went to the National Catholic Youth Conference. Looking in from the outside, it looks like 25,000 Catholic teenagers jumping up and down in praise but it's so much more than what the naked eye sees. It's a transformation. A true testament to what you believe. Sharing the love of your faith with 25,000 other hopeful souls just like yours. 


          Worthiness is defined as having or showing qualities that merit recognition in a special way. We are ALL worthy of God’s love. I said I was worthy, but never truly believed it. This is a concept I have endlessly struggled with throughout my faith journey. I’ve always been aware of this truth, but never felt that me, as an individual, was worthy of God’s grace and love. A topic I have always brushed to the side, was highlighted in one of the breakout sessions I attended at NCYC. I heard several of the phrases I’ve heard so many times before. I thought to myself, “Yeah, I’m sure he loves me, but as much as everyone else? Why would he? I’m not much more than a broken mess.” In that moment, the speaker started talking about how God searches for those who feel lost, alone, and hopeless. I was put in that convention center for a reason and it was to hear the words that changed my perspective. “You are sacred.” Words I have heard so many times before, but this time it was different. This time it hit hard in my heart.


            Genesis 18:22-33 talks about how if in a city of 100 only 10 righteous people were left, God would spare the whole town in the name of those ten. God doesn’t separate the good from the bad to persecute only the bad, he looks towards the “bad” in hopes that they’ll trust in him. Often times, we have troubles being honest with God. We find it hard to trust in him completely and give ourselves wholly and fully to him. We are afraid to share our fears, anger, doubts, and frustrations because we think he’ll lose hope in us and stop seeking our love. The truth is, our struggles and innermost thoughts make God seek for us even harder. He wants to mend our hearts and make us feel whole again. No two journeys are equivalent nor is one more important than the other in his glorious eyes.


            I realized I wasn’t giving it all to God. I was hesitant in sharing things he already knew.  I feared rejection of the one who is the most accepting. In that moment, I declared to myself and to Jesus that would relinquish everything to him. All my fears, doubts, worries, joys, hopes and aspirations will be visible. We must trust in God’s word and know that his plan is in action. His plan may not always make sense, but he works to lead us to greater things and trusting in him feeds your faith. I’ve brought this new sense of confidence in Jesus home with me in hopes to help others struggling with the same fears I’ve had/still deal with today. NCYC 2017 is the first time in a long time, if not ever, I have fully given myself to God. My heart is overflowing with such a joy that can only be described by sitting in a stadium filled with 25,000 others just like you while singing praises at the top of your lungs like there’s no tomorrow. A feeling so powerful, God’s love pours out through us in our words and actions. I hope to go out from this experience and spread love to others in a new light while growing in my faith and I extend this challenge to you. Share your source of light with those around you and speak out for what you believe."


 What's Happening by Date

Nov 19-24 - Thanksgiving Break

November 26 - Making Disciples

November 28 - YMB Meeting

November 30 - 9th Grd Retreat Mtg

December 2 - St. Nick Breakfast

December 2-3 - 9th Grade Retreat

December 3 - Donuts/Biscuits

December 5 - Peer Ministry Meeting

December 8 - Imm. Conception

December 17 - Christmas Break

January 6 - PM Day of Reflection

January 7 - Classes Resume

December 19 - YMB Meeting 

January 12-14 - Antioch Retreat

January 26/27 - Discovering Real U

January 28/31 - JH JAM



Peer Ministry Information

If you are interested in getting involved in serving the young Church and making new friends in ChrisTeen please join us for our next meeting!

High-Schoolers contact Melisa - mgonzalez(at)transfiguration.com

Middle-Schoolers contact Theresa - tbrader(at)transfiguration.com

 Our Next Peer Ministry Meeting is 

December 5th from 7:30 - 9:00 @ the Family Life Center (FLC)C

Come and see what we are all about!


ChrisTeen T-Shirts 

ChrisTeen t shirt design 2016.jpg

Our new ChrisTeen t-shirts are in! They are a soft black color with a white image. The shirts are Fair Trade, 100% organic cotton. Because of this, we do suggest ordering up one size from your typical size.

The cost is $15.00

Come by the ChrisTeen office to purchase one!

How to Serve...

Looking for Service Opportunities?

Come help ChrisTeen sell donuts! Or, help sell biscuits!

The first Sunday of each month the teens sell donuts and biscuits after each mass in Bishop Hall. It is a fun way to meet people, help raise money for our scholarship fund and earn some service hours.


Sign up here 


Donuts - contact Kyrsten: kmbrader(at)gmail.com

Biscuits - contact Phillip: phillipashook(at)gmail.com

 or Josh: j.tipton328(at)gmail.com

Prayer Listeners are Needed!

Once a month, students in K-8 need help reciting/practicing their prayers. Junior high/high school students, and adults are perfect to help facilitate this wonderful tradition. Monday at 4:00 & 6:00, Tuesday at 6:00, and Sunday at 4:30 is where we have our greatest need. Please contact Sheila at smurray(at)transfiguration.com if you would like to help.


 Junior High Corner


Looking Ahead...


January 26 & 27

Discovering the Real You


January 28th & 31st

Junior High JAM (Jesus & The Media)


February 3

Middle School Madness (7-10pm)


March 3

Middle School CatholicFest

March 24

Easter Egg Hunt & Bike Blessing


April 13

ChrisTeen Welcome


April 28

8th Grade Retreat


June 5-8

M4 Tour